Leave your car at home during Olympics 2012

Starting from mid July, leave you car at home and be prepared for heavy traffic if you don’t. Transport for London have told the public to rather use any form of public transport instead of your own car. In fact, London airport cabs (http://www.londoncabs.co.uk/services/airport-transfers/) would Read more »

Top Sites to Buy cars

We have went around the web to find you the Best Websites to buy cars it’s up to you if you want a used or a new car. Have a look at some of the sites with cars for sale in UK and let us know what you think.

Top 5 Second Hand cars selling Sites
www.exchangeandmart.co.uk is a good place to exchange cars.
www.usedcartrader.co.uk have many used cars available.
www.manxcars.co.uk for cars for sale in Isle of Man.
www.gumtree.com/cars is another popular site.

Top 10 First Hand cars selling Sites
www.newhallcars.co.uk – a good name if you want to sell cars.
www.uk-car-discount.co.uk – for decent discount.
www.carquake.co.uk – the true car specialist.
www.autolocate.co.uk – makes it easy to locate a new car.
www.lookers.co.uk – no need to look for a car anymore.
www.buyacar.co.uk – buy it here.
www.autoebid.com -the e-car site.
www.drivethedeal.com – drive it fast or slow.
www.buyanewcaronline.co.uk – when buying online.
http://www.gumtree.com/cars – gumtree cars.

How to be Found Online Campaign on Black Cabs

SEO Specialist cars
There are millions of cars driving around in London; about 15 000 London minicabs and approx. 20 000 black cabs. That’s why you need to stand out to be seen and found. Read more »

London Cars Live

London Cars is now live and we are planning to educate our visitors with information about the latest news about cars in London.

If you are planning to take your driving licence – we are soon giving more advice how to get away cheap.